Saturday, June 13, 2009

Santa Cruz Derby Girls vs. the Silicon Valley Roller Girls

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Tonight I shot a bout between the Santa Cruz Derby Girls and the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. The bout was hosted by Silicon Valley at San Jose Skate, the ladies did an awesome job organizing the event. It was very entertaining throughout the night... the audience was obviously having a great time. Steve Wozniak was among the many fans packed into San Jose Skate to support our two local Derby Leagues. Thank you Mr. Wozniak for the best computers I've ever owned! Check the "featured gallery" on my site and my facebook site for photographs of Foxee Firestorm,Candy Hooligan, Sheila Princess of Power, Kicken Red Vixen, Lulu Lockjaw, Pipi Hardstocking, Shamrock N' Roller and more from Santa Cruz and from Silicon Valley, Feisty Irish, Terribelle Demise, Rot Wheels, and The Smack Dahlia.

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Jack said...

OMG Val, this is the first time I have really looked at your work. You are really good! I am impressed! Kelley