Saturday, February 20, 2010

Central Coast Roller Derby vs. Derby Revolution of Bakersfield, Paso Robles CA

Central Coast Coach Gabe Kahuna Kamakani's Skaters and  Cpl. Punisher Derby Revolution of Bakersfield played an outstanding game tonight at the Paso Robles Event center. Either I haven't seen a game in a while or the girls were hitting really hard. I finally got to meet Kahuna and his team after talking with them for months. Both Kahuna and I were in the Marines so I felt like I have known him for years. Kahuna definitely had the better duty stations. When I was suffering at the worst duty stations the Marine Corps had to offer, (Italy and Hawaii) Kahuna had the good life at Camp Lejeune. Sorry Kahuna. The venue CCRD Skates in is perfect for a Roller Derby Photographer.... there's power available everywhere and there are plenty of places to rig strobes so you can leave the lightstands behind. I can not wait to shoot there again.

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