Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ronnie Romiti's A-4 in RC Jet International Magazine

I shot something that I have never done before, I photographed a jet and a jet engine in my studio... no I do not have a massive studio the size of a hangar. Ronnie Romiti is an avid Remote Control Jet Enthusiast that installed a controversial part into his RC A-4 and was able to make it work. RC Jet International's April/May edition featured some of my photography of Ronnie and his jet, and we also made it to the cover.


rc jets said...

The great information in the Ronnie Romiti's A-4 in RC Jet International Magazine and I think many experience are shared in it.

helen said...

Good Information.Some of the radio controlled jets also have some unique features such as a working landing gear, folding wings and vectored thrust where the angle of the fans change as the jet turns making it extremely agile.

andy smart said...

nice Photoshop it might get help you about publicity of your jet look great here...hope that its performance will also be the best