Saturday, September 12, 2009

Santa Cruz Derby Girls vs Tucson Roller Derby's "Iron Curtain"

Lulu Lockjaw, Brawley Parton, Eden Yourheartout, Roller Derby Photos, Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Tucson Roller Derby, Iron Curtian, Adrian Valenzuela

One of my favorite leauges to shoot, the Santa Cruz Derby Girl's "Boardwalk Bombshells" played Tucson Roller Derby's "Iron Curtain". Candie Hooligan always makes my job of catching her in action easy. Below: Here's a shot of Candie getting a whip from Brawley Parton. Above: Jammer Lulu Lockjaw, Eden Yourheartout and Brawley Parton. This was also the last home game for Kicken Red Vixen as she goes into Derby Retirement. Kicken is great jammer, great dancer and a wonderful person. We will miss you Kicken!

Roller Derby Photos, Roller Derby Whip, Brawley Parton Whips Candie Hooligan, Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Iron Curtain, Tucson Roller Derby, Adrian Valenzuela

Kicken Red Vixen, Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Adrian Valenzuela, Roller Derby Photos, california Roller Derby

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