Saturday, September 26, 2009

Silicon Valley vs OC Roller Girls

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Tonight I got to shoot another one of my favorite teams.... SVRG's Dot.Kamikazes. I have to hand it to these ladies.... they run a professional leauge,well organized, hard working, fun-loving and they treat their photographers like gold. I have a lot of freedom when I shoot them and I have to say I really appreciate all they let me do. The OC Roller Girls were up here for the game and lost to SVRG 132-64. I got the opportunity to meet their Captain and Wicked Skatewear co-owner B-Train, and also test out Profoto's new generator the Pro8a-2400 Air. I would like to thank Profoto for their generosity in letting me test the Pro8 for the weekend. I was really impressed with the power it cranked out and the recycling speed of the generator. When shooting Roller Derby with flash you just can't "machine gun" it and hope for a good shot. You have to anticipate what the girls are going to do to capture the action they want to see, however action happens back to back and your equipment has to be powerful enough to keep up. The Pro8 stepped up to the plate and was ready to fire everytime I was. This night was also Juicy K.Tore's birthday bout... she cartwheeled onto the track like she used to always do when she was a little girl. Her family was out to see her play and joined everyone at the afterparty. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUICY!

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Silicon Valley Roller Girls, SVRG, Juicy K.Tore, Adrian Valenzuela Photography, Adrian Valenzuela, California Roller Derby, Roller Derby Photos

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